Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Open Arms"

Pancakes make me happy. There is one problem though. I get so excited and stack them up high only to conquer a fourth of the food on the plate. They fill me up so fast, I want it to last longer! I have no real topic today, but instead, I'm going to use this time to update you, or the ones who care, on some little things going on in my life.

A. Every night I wake up to this horrible noise on my porch. The first time it happened, I thought it was someone breaking in. I grabbed my mase and almost peed in my pants until I looked out the window to find 4 cats chillin' on my patio furniture. The strangest part is that one of them was aggressively eating my charcoal from the grill. um, normal? So, now that they've found the motherload of ashes they come back every. night. How can I keep them away??
B. At the beginning of this year Mary Britton and I decided to participate in the Country Music Marathon here in Nashville. Well, I take that back, we decided to attempt to walk/run/jog the half marathon, which is 13.1 miles. I don't run thirteen miles often so this, my friends, is a challenge. So I've been "training" for two weeks now and it's actually going better than I expected. I've only gotten up to six miles but I'm
definitely making progress. The run is on April 24th so 12 wk training starts today! Pray for me. :)
C. I keep having dreams that T. Swift and I are really good friends. Last night we went riding around and talked about not liking
cats. She posts pictures of her cat on Twitter so I know for a fact that she has one, so I'm not sure why she said she didn't
like them. Why the crap am I dreaming about cats? Or Taylor Swift?
D. I was scheduled to do a benefit show for Nashville Heart & Soul where all the dinero goes to the American Heart Association. It was on Saturday night but the weather got so bad that I was snowed in! (They rescheduled.) The snow was beautiful. There's still a lot outside but the roads are clear now. Matthew and I didn't have a sled but improvised with tubberware for sledding. Being snowed in isn't half bad. We made lunch, tacos for dinner, a tent for the living room, videos for everyone back home and brownies. It was good weekend.
E. WHO DAT? Saints for the Superbowl!
F. I recently put some videos on YouTube. I've never wanted to do this until now. I decided that all the songs don't make it on the demo can still be videoed and put up for everyone to hear anyway. So if you have a chance, check them out, and let me know what you think.

That's all I can remember right now, I'm going to practice guitar. :)
"Love the life you live. Live the life you love."

PS. New songs for the iPod?
o Jason Aldean- The Truth (not new, but in love)
o Lady Antebellum- American Honey
o Miranda Lambert- The House That Built Me
o Justin Beiber- Baby
o Rascal Flatts- Unstoppable
o Daughtry- Life After You
o The Script- Breakeven
o Jason Derulo- Whatcha Say