Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Keep On Lovin' You"

You're busy, you've got things to do, a million things on your mind, and too many people to please in one day. Usually, all the priorities you need to get done can't get done in one day so it rolls over into tomorrow, and the next day, so that we are so busy and so preoccupied that time flies and life flashes right before our eyes.

I moved to Nashville exactly one year ago. I moved with a little money (and I do mean a little) in my pocket and a big dream in my heart. I moved not knowing one soul and without a GPS system (big mistake). I moved with family by my side but eventually life called them back home and before I knew it, I was on my own, and this was my home. The year behind me has been one of the best I've ever had. The new things that I've learned, experienced, seen, witnessed, played, written, sang, almost wet my pants because I was so nervous.. they were completely and totally awesome. There are things that were so amazing, I cried. There are things that were so unbelievable, I thanked God. And there are things that were so funny, I'm still laughing :) I want to share with you a few of these from the 'Year of Fear' we'll call it, because let's face it, I came. I feared. I conquered. I'm stayin'.

So Amazing, I Cried:
So this story will have to be the one previously told about my family coming to surprise me. If you haven't read it, here's the brief. I got my first gig playing at a bar in Nashville and no one could come. I didn't tell anyone I felt sorry for myself but my family was on the way that day and I had no idea. They showed up an hour before showtime and I was so gosh darn excited. I had fans! :)

So Funny, I'm Still Laughing
Sooo, I have a friend, her name is Mallory. And I also have a habit of snapping random photos of ole Mal when she's not paying attention. Everytime she came to visit, I sent her home with a souvenir from Tennessee.. herself. Having a grand time. :) Enjoy. PS. I got her permission, and she rocks. :) Love you Mal!!

So Unbelievable, I Thanked God
No one had any idea what was hitting us until it happened. A reported 6 months of rain in 2 days destroyed so many parts of Nashville and Middle TN and the whole city stepped up to help. Only being here 9 months at the time, it was my first time seeing such a huge natural disaster and I wasn't alone. People living here all their life had never seen anything like it either. We were all one. I thanked God because I live on a hill. Everyone was not so lucky but everyone else dropped what they were doing, took off work, set aside their to do lists, and put Nashville at the top. I was so proud of us.

Here are some extra photos of the year in review:

Paul McCartney's guitar on the Gibson bus

A Nashville fall

Awesome bosses and people I've worked with
Matthew Stevens manager, drummer

Kiel Tyler producer, drummer

Bruce Wallace songwriter

Collin Raye recording artist

Nights out in town
Jake Owen

Frankie Ballard

Claire & Matthew

The man who gave me $100 because he like my sequin jacket

Callie, Mallory, Erin, Rachel, Mary Britton

Bobby Spivey and friends

Karen Waldrup

Craig Joe

Ashley, Heather, Erin, Logan

Friends after watching 'The Rockettes'

Family visiting
Matthew & Lanie

Edi-Ann taking a break while shopping

Matthew, Me, Mary, and Andrew @ CMA Fest

Matthew's mom and sister, Lisa and Carli

Mary & I @ Gaylord Hotel

Gran & I walking around downtown Franklin

Dad, Rachel, & Edi-Ann @ Science Center

They fam @ the Gaylord Hotel during Christmas

My Love

Music, shows, and fans

So, now I have friends around here, I have more than a little money cause I got a job, and I stole my brother's TomTom. I'm settled in, getting things done and looking forward to another year and many more here in TN. I have NEW MUSIC on the way for you, a CD, NEW PHOTOS AND WEBSITE UPDATES. Expect to see and hear new things around the 1st of August. And for those of you in Mississippi get ready because we will be down for a CD Release Party/Throwdown when it's done!! I'll keep you updated on venues and dates. Until then, thank you for being so supportive and loving fans, friends, and family. Love to you all!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

get freakin' excited cause you're buyin' one. =)