Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Never Say Never"

Carrie Bradshaw writes a blog. Why can't I? I have always loathed and been a bit jealous of Sarah Jessica Parker sporting the latest high fashion trend, killer stiletto, and hair that when it's bigger, it's better. I guess in some way I looked up to the fictional Sex and the City character for being brave enough to wear geometric prints and having the courage to write a newspaper column that expressed everything she loved, hated, wished, hoped for, and dreaded about NYC, Sex, Friends, and, of course, Men. In a sense, Carrie Bradshaw and I are a lot alike. I would choose 1 pair of the sweetest shoes over 10 blouses. I searched high and low for the best boyfriend contender, and finally found my 'Big' (except he's 'Little') after a long line of losers. And I write weekly about the things I find necessary, sometimes inappropriate, always connected to my life in some way. The difference though, is when I blog, when I write, I am doing it for my love of music.

I got my first writer's night invitation from the sweet Johanna Jacobsen, a fellow Nashville resident, a couple weeks ago. Thrilled isn't the word. I've been on the scene since July waiting for this opportunity. In Mississippi, (and other parts), they say, "Oh, hell.. you can sing? Get up here girl. Sing for us a couple hours, and I'll pay you $200 bucks to do it." Here? It's a privilege to even step on the stage, sing 5 songs for 30 minutes and have 7 people looking at you. Sometimes clapping. They are looking for the best. Well, I'm here to be the best, write the best, and sing the best. So when I was asked to play, I jumped at the opportunity, asked the 6 people I knew in town and waited a week until the big day. When it finally arrived I was ready, nothing could get in my way. The only problem was the only 'fans' I asked had a lot standing in their way. Work, school, and other social events prevented me from having ANY support whatsoever at my very first show. ever. in Nashville. Except for my Little, he is always there. But that's okay, I don't need anyone's help, I can do it on my own. I've always been independent, headstrong, don't-help-me-I-can-do-it-by-myself. But I had to admit, a few people there to cheer me on would have been icing on the big, fat cake I had in front of me. It was time to get ready. I turned Family Feud on and watched as the people cheered so loud for their family members no matter how dumb their answer was. Knock, Knock. I looked through the trusty peephole and Flowers!! My sweet family couldn't be there, but they remembered me. I felt a slight feeling of disappointment knowing they couldn't share this moment with me but it was quickly washed away with the hope for one day this was all going to pay off. After putting on the makeup and preparing for the night, Knock Knock. (What now? Who now?) As I opened the door I found the sweetest, most awesome present of all. Out of nowhere, my sister is standing solo on my front door step, jumping up and down in excitement, saying she just drove herself here. I cannot cry, I cannot cry, I cannot cry. My mascara looks fabulous. She is literally sprinting around the room, yelling, while I am crouched on the floor, holding back tears and for.. Knock. Knock. As I opened the door, I screamed so loud out of excitement that my mom had joined her! What an awesome surprise. I am now jumping up and down on my bed and the mascara will have to be reapplied. Knock. Knock. Again? My grandmother. Another series of knocks. My aunt. Knock. Another aunt. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. My cousin. How does this get any better? How? Seven of my closest family members drove 6 hours and SURPRISED me on the day of my first show. They wouldn't have missed it. I almost forgot about the dang gig because I was so pumped. But I fixed my hair Carrie-ish, slipped on my heels, got my guitar, showed up at Music Row Bar & Grill and we rocked it. Not just me, all of the writers did awesome. And I had a cheering section all my own. All mine. I was so proud to be seen with such a beautiful group of women and knowing the whole time how much they love and support me. It sure does make this process a lot easier. I have the most wonderful, fun, awesome family ever. That's having a lot, even if you ain't got nothin'.

So the place that I call home now is Nashville. I will continue singing, writing, and working on my dream until it happens. Like Rev Run says, "Success is like being a stamp. Stick to it until you reach where you are going." I know that gig was the first of many, but it was special. On my 13th birthday at Pizza Inn, I got 3 tickets in a box to see Reba McEntire. That moment and this one are on the top of my list for the 'Best Days Of My Life' Category. Now, let's see if we can't get into other categories like 'Female Vocalist', 'Breakthrough Artist', 'Entertainer of the Year for the Whole Planet'. I'll take any or all of the above. And if Kanye interrupts me, he will get smacked.

My life is a roller coaster. My life is up. My life is down. My life is unfolding right in front of me. Maybe it should be called "Singing and the City"...... Music City, that is.

xo, Meagan Rae

Monday, September 14, 2009


I have to touch on a story that will be forever remembered and never forgotten. I'm taking time to express my opinion because the subject is not going away and this influenced me in a big way. 

You all saw it coming, the subject for today is no surprise: Taylor vs. Kanye

Let me just say first, if you are one of the 2% that haven't seen Kanye West slaughter Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Female Video of The Year, take a look, then get back with us. 

I've never been the die-hard Taylor Swift fan, I admit. I listen to her on the radio, I think she's a great songwriter. Sometimes her vocals could stand a lesson or two during live performances but she's cute and I respect her. But I guarantee that I don't jump up and down on the couch when she's number one on CMT countdown. That said, I don't think anyone, ANYONE deserves to be belittled, pushed aside or interrupted during an awards show in Kanye-fashion. People are fans of different artists, that's the way it works. For the 10% of the world that didn't know Taylor or didn't like her before last night, they do now. I even have a soft spot in my heart that hurt when I watched that. Like Katy Perry said, "F*** you Kanye. It's like you stepped on a kitten." And it is. In Nashville, TN most of all, musicians are family. We stick together. Kanye West has stirred up a whole lot of trouble with the roughest, toughest, most countrified family on the block. Stars, celebs, fans, and family vented their rage via Twitter, etc. to convey their emotions. None were shocking, all were shocked, a lot of them wished they could punch him. 

Music is universal. You probably won't find one person who likes only country, only hip-hop, or only rock. We're humans, we hurt and music heals us. It was an honor for Taylor to be nominated in a category for the VMAs, it was an honor for her to win the category, and it is an honor to have her leading the pack for country music. You can't break down someone's spirit out of jealousy, it will only come back to haunt you. It seems funny that the person Kanye was defending, brought Swift back onstage to relive her 'moment'. Beyonce so gracefully gave Taylor a second chance to say her peace, and while doing so, TS got a standing ovation. So now, Kanye West, your fans and sales have decreased and Taylor Swift is still on top. I, personally, hope you feel an inch tall for a long time. You should probably delete the attempt at an apology you wrote because it was absolutely superficial and a new career might be a good thing to look into. Like I said, people in this industry stick together, and we are all banding together against you. You might still have your Jay Leno gig, but don't even think about stepping foot in Tennessee. 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"I Ain't Settlin'.. For Anything Less Than Everythaaaanng, Yeah.."

I have NOT forgotten I had a blog. I just forgot to update it. (Forgiveness, Forgiveness.. Even if, even if, you don't love me anymore..) Thank you, Don Henley for getting down to the Heart of The Matter. =) So, so many things have been going on that I guess I just forgot to tell you. Well, I'm back, you can love me again, and we can move forward with this relationship. We can even make it official on Facebook if you want. (Just click 'Become A Fan' to the right). See, I'm doing all the work here! hehe.

I love putting my iPod on Shuffle. It's so the best. It plays the good oldies that you might have forgotten about like, Sugarland- Just Might Make Me Believe, Clay Walker- This Woman and This Man, Wade Hayes- In a Chevy, Garth Brooks- Which One of Them, Pink- Like A Pill. Ok, I'm stopping.

In the past couple of weeks I have seen my sister twice, painted my coffee table turquoise, attended the Keith Urban/Sugarland concert, gotten sick, had a bachelorette party, canoed, and played my first writer's night. Painting the table blue was on purpose, singing at a writer's night was not. This is how it went: Me and the boss man go to lunch at Jonathan's and decided to sit on the porch and talk about me becoming a big star and the steps we needed to take. I got my guitar out of the car, sang a few tunes, covers, originals, played some for the staff and the owner, had dinner with the owner (sweetest people ever). So I'm thinking my day is just going awesome. Then we left and went to Dan McGuinness to a writer's night to watch and someone didn't show up to play so Doc asked me if I wanted to play in their time slot. That was a silly question. So I got to sing 6 originals for the first time in Nashville at Dan McGuinness! (I know there will be many more shows, gigs, and writer's nights, but this was the first and worthy of being recognized!) Now I'm thinking my day is just going awesome and lucky. But I know deep down there's no such thing as lucky really.. that's just what we call it when God slips us good things that we deserve. I have to say that Matthew and I are out here trying our best to make a life that we will love every morning when we wake up. He is following his dream too, to be a baseball coach, and I love it. Push the boundaries, break the rules, step outside the box.. that's how I want to live my life. To the fullest. And we both know that if we are sitting behind a desk everyday, we aren't pushing or stepping outside of anything. Now, I'm not saying that isn't for everyone.. this is just our passion. So I believe that I was lucky to get here so quick (or God just made it easy for me to find a place). That's why it's not hard for me to picture big things in the future. I believe it will come with hard work, sacrifice, and thanking Him for every little opportunity I get. I'm so ready for it.

So, for the ones of you in the Greenwood area, make your reservations because it will be so flippin' fun you can't even imagine. I'm so excited to play for my family and friends close to home and show you all the stuff I've been working on. The CCM is known for its DELICIOUS food, great music, and great times had so come out if you can. There will be some kind of cover charge but I'm not sure how much. That is the weekend of Thanksgiving break so a lot of people will be out and I promise we'll make it worth it.

Ok, everyone has been asking me to list some more songs that I've found. I love doing this!! (Glad you like it)
  • Matt Kearney- Closer To Love Mindy Smith- What Went Wrong
  • Caitlin and Will- Address In The Stars Tenth Avenue North- By Your Side
  • Joey & Rory- To Say Goodbye Parachute- She Is Love
  • Plumb- In My Arms Reba McEntire- Consider Me Gone
  • Kelly Clarkson- Already Gone Kellie Pickler- Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You

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xxxxxxoooooooo, Maaaeeeee

"Give me one reason to stay here, and I'll turn right back around" - Tracy Chapman