Friday, July 31, 2009

"Life's A Dance, You Learn As You Go"

I just recently became a permanent resident of Nashville, TN. I say permanent because I'm not going anywhere. I left everything I loved behind except for my music to try and pursue a career I've wanted all my life. I'm here to stay. I spend most of my days writing new music to perform around town. I just recently became the assistant of the manager of Collin Raye, a long-time star of Country Music. So taking on this new adventure and starting a new chapter of my life, I have decided to create this blog for several reasons: To connect with my fans, to keep in touch with everyone back home and to let everyone out there see that I am a real person chasing a dream. I thank each and every one of you who have supported me so far.. but hold on, because we have a long way to go. =)

Life is a roller coaster isn't it? I mean one day you think you've figured it all out and think you have the key to open every door ahead and the next you end up more confused than ever, trying to find that next path to take, and searching for the answers. The answer may come easy but the faith that gets you through sometimes takes some soul searching. I'm talking about dreams, about things you only said you would do when you were a kid, about big time leaps of faith. It has taken my entire life to realize the place I belong and the place I need to be to follow that dream.. Nashville, TN. There's no greater place on earth for country music. Standing in the Grand Ole Opry (twice in one week ) :) it took my breath away to see such legends stand on the infamous wooden circle and play their hits from so many years ago. Time has passed, times have changed, and although times are tough, the passion for music that comes from the artists on the Opry stage has probably grown to come bigger than ever. New artists rise but the old never fade away.. they are always as loved as they were in the beginning. Any country musician I know aspires to be one of the lucky few to walk across that stage, step into that circle, and play the hell out of some country music. One day, I hope it's me up there. (And I wouldn't be mad if Reba McEntire was up there with me) :)  Dream big, Laugh hard, and Never give up..
                                                          xO, Meagan Rae

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