Friday, July 31, 2009

"Life In a Northern Town"

   oooh this is fun. i'm eating take-out and watching reruns of Friends. i don't really like capitalizing words so i'm not gonna, k? (i also only drink Pepsi with Taco Bell food and love hot sauce.. random, i know..) so there's a flood coming outside my apartment and it kind of forced me to sit inside and think.. and write.. and do things around the house. i think my mom calls that tarrying. is that even a word? 
   the past week has been c.r.a.z.y. i went home for my bf's wedding, which was spectacular. its a wedding in the delta when you hear songs like Keep Your Hands To Yourself, Let's Get Naked, and Out Here Grindin' all in the same night.. (ok, so i may have picked the 3 dirtiest songs but honestly by accident. =) it was the most fun ever. oh! and i caught the bouquet. impressive, i know. 2nd time it's happened BUT don't you worry, my little Matthew and I are waiting until we strike it rich until we tie the knot. well, maybe not bc then it may never happen. ahhahahahaha just kidding. one day. and we're... MOVING ON! 
  sometimes i wish i had more time to make more friends here in good ole Nashville, TN so that someone could tell me a good church to go to. since there are like 32,423 churches in this town, it will probably not be an easy journey. oh, i also need them to be my friend when i need a lunch date to Cracker Barrell. Must love dogs. And walks on the beach. hehe. 
  i must say my mind has been in creative overload lately and i'm pretty positive i have some hits on my hands. does it make you mad that you can't hear them yet? =) sorry.. soon enough! hopefully i'll get them recorded soon and you can. hope everyone is having a great week and if you are bored head up my way. (we'll go to Cracker Barrell). 
  i will keep you important people updated on my new songs, my love of food, and my church search. if i bore you, unsubscribe. otherwise, i love you and welcome to Team Meagan Rae! (i capitalized just for you =)

goodnight world. 


  1. I love this blog Meagan! I would like to be included in the loves of your life, cause I sure do love you!!I can't wait to hear your new songs and I wish you all the success and happiness in the world. Hurry up and make your fortune so you and Matthew can get married. I can't wait to have him for a grandson-in-law. Keep up your search for a good church because that is probably the most important quest in your life right now. Stay close to God and He will lead you in the right direction...He knows the desires of your heart and he will help you fulfill them if you continue to ask for His intervention. I love you so much and I pray for you E.V.E.R.Y. day! Gran

  2. WELCOME TO NASHVILLE... i cant wait for you to start performing around town so us PT students have an extra excuse to avoid studying. good luck with the search for a church home. several of my friends really love Brentwood Baptist but i will say it has taken a lot of them a very long time to find a place they truely felt at home. keep strong in your search and you will find the right place for you.
    Lauren Clark