Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"I'm In A Hurry To Get Things Done"

I have a song on my mind and fish sticks in my belly! YUM. I am a big eater-outer. Even if its super cheap, I love dinner out and lunch dates. Living on a budget and learning how to do it has forced me to eat salad daily, fish sticks often, and ramen noodles as little as possible. I've got to find a way to make some dinero. Mucho dinero. I've thought of a few things.. but not all of them are legal. =) Dang you, starving artist. Jk. I am doing fine, just watching my step.

So going on in the world this week: (Locally/Nationally)
  1. Reba McEntire releases her 1st CD in six years! Keep On Loving You hits stores today and I am so super excited about my childhood idol's new music. Its been too long. What a wonderful world. =) She did a GAC special Sunday night and said this album is more girl power, she's looking at new TV scripts, and she wants to work with Kelly Clarkson again. We would like that too, Reba.
  2. Mr. Brett Farve, are you serious? After all this time, after saying no for once, and after retiring how many times already, you come back AGAIN? I will be honest, I am going to watch you play either way. Whether I am mad at you or not, I will stare at your hind end as you throw the passes, BUT you can only do this so many times. Quit it already.
  3. "Music City Madness" is happening now. I haven't really heard of this until moving here but the Grand Prize is spending a day with Reba so I might have to check that out. (Also, recording time and few little perks, no biggie). I'm also trying to play around here at some writer's nights as soon as I can. Getting fit into the schedule may take some time considering most everyone knows most everyone here already. I'm going to have to inch my way in somehow but it can be done! Also, there is a website that I can't wait to be up and running where you, the people can visit and become a fan of new, unsigned artists, including myself! I will have to fill you in on details later but it is genius!
  4. My heart goes out to the family of Jeffrey Jones (Greenwood, MS) who died Saturday evening, to the family of Steven Aldridge (Greenwood, MS) who died Saturday evening, and to my own family and step dad whose mother, 'Dot' Flowers (Rolling Fork, MS) passed away Saturday evening as well. I have recently felt the sting of death in a family and it is heart wrenching. When a life is cut too short, it is a hurt that the ones closest to them feel and it lasts for a long time. We can only remember the happy times and know that God needed them up there with Him, that they had done all they could do here on this uncertain earth. I pray for each of these and my family in these hard times.
So, I'm really excited to keep you all up to date with the exciting things that have been going on. I will let you all know more soon, when I can.


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