Sunday, August 9, 2009

"You Shook Me All Night Long"

difference in a New Blog and a New Post? Can't I just write one new paragraph every week on totally irrelevant things and it be good to go? I don't understand. And for the sake of not understanding, we will keep publishing New Posts. =)

Today is a B-E-A uuuutiful day in Nashville. These are days when I think to myself, "Self, you are so damn lucky." I'm laying out by the pool as we speak, as I'm typing this, as the kid in front of me does belly flops and splashes everything I own. Isn't life grand? I decide right now, while listening to the trusty iPod, (Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me) that I'm temporarily tired of songs about high school boyfriends, cheerleaders, drawing hearts on notepads and fairytales that never happen. New Subject Please!!

Dear Taylor Swift,

Although you are an adorable little thing, I would appreciate it if your lyrics would accompany your age in 'growing up'. Everyone knows you aren't afraid to write about old flames or God forbid, put someone's name in the song, but come on, we could all do it. Do you know how many words rhyme with Drew and Joe? (A lot.) If you are going to continue to be a world phenom and have people drool over your average live performances then you need to find a new road to venture down. You were smart enough to convince them to let you perform 3 times at the CMT awards. Now, amaze us once more with new material.

P.S. I believe your writing skills highly surpass your vocal ability but I respect you. And that's very, very nice of me.

I have recently found things that
(Finger Eleven-Paralyzer) are probably considered Not Normal. Here's a few:

a.) Forgetting to eat lunch today.

b.) Wearing a dress over bluejeans. (Don't do that.)

c.) The guy at the pool who wears a House Arrest anklet.

(Casting Crowns- Praise You In This Storm) Oh! This song reminds me. I went to Brentwood Baptist last Sunday for church! Let me give you a little advice: If you decide to go to this place, take a friend and use the buddy system. It is the biggest flippin' thing I've ever seen. So I'm standing around with like 200 people waiting for what I thought was the service. Turns out, we were all in the Cafe. Excuse me, a restaurant!! It was amazing. They had that, a library, a bookstore.. who knows what they had to offer on the other wing. I like the feel of small and big churches. I'm good at meeting people and socializing so this didn't bother me so much. The reason I can't make up my (Matchbox 20- Push) mind is because of.. you guessed it, the music. Ok, I grew up traditional of course. But I've had experiences that I want to have again in a church. Pinelake in Jackson, MS is a good example. They have a slight mix of music, but mostly contemporary, young music. It moves me so much that I almost want to cry every time I go. But I'm feeling something, I'm not just going through the motions. Maybe BB just had a (Corinne Bailey Rae- Put Your Records On) traditional lineup for that Sunday, maybe I should try again, maybe I should try another. We'll see..

Side Note: I'm burning.

Last night, Collin Raye came into town to do a show at the Wildhorse Saloon. As part of my job, I got to run him around town, take him to soundcheck and watch him do all the things I hope to do one day.
(Rhianna- Rehab) It was amazing to watch a guy I grew up listening to, watching on tv, singing the songs I always loved. The show was incredible. He's in better shape than most 20 yr olds I know. Jumping all over stage, playing on his knees on the floor, dancing.. He's still got it! I had to breathe, and say..ok, you are here for a reason, this is freaking awesome, you are sitting on the stage, this is freaking awesome, look at all those people, this will be you one day, this is freaking awesome. "So, is your last name Rae?.. No (laughs) My middle name.. Oh! So you aren't kin to me! What is your last name?.. Mitchell.. Wow, that's a great stage name (Wink)."

I'm getting in the pool before I fry. BBBYYYEEE.
(Jason Aldean-Relentless)


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