Sunday, August 2, 2009

"How Do I Live Without You"

I have a confession: I have 2 boyfriends. One is Matthew and one is music. This is no joke, it's true! I put any time that I'm not with my real human boyfriend into my love affair with any and all genres of music. ...ok, I take that back. I do not listen to Swiss Death Metal. =) I'm going to take a minute, because I'm feeling adventurous, and talk about some music I've recently uncovered. 

1. Sugarland- Joey, Wishing
("Yeah, yeah.. Sugarland?? Again, Meagan Rae? Come on!!" ... ok, i know, but seriously, if you've been under a rock and haven't heard their new cd 'Love On The Inside', i feel for you. You are missing out on some serious tunes, my friend. Joey is the new single out and Wishing is just UH-mazing. Pure, raw, real feelings. So.. I know I like Jen Jen and Christian.. and one day we will be bff's and travel to Hawaii together.. but until then, i feel that it's my duty to get you, to love them. If you like me, you will like them =)

Ps. If you've never been to a concert, follow these simple steps:
1. Slap yourself.
2. Buy the "Live On The Inside" DVD. It will change your life. 

2. Kings Of Leon- Cold Desert, Notion
(Two great pieces of work from the 'old, but new' group we like to call KOL. Ironically, they have been around for quite a while, yet just hitting the charts with their hits 'Use Somebody' and 'Sex on Fire'. They've continued to perform their songs, their way, and that's why we love them.. and why they will stick around for a while.)

Ps. Again- Sugarland covers KOL's 'Sex On Fire'-

3. Dierks Bentley- Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes
(Hello, Hotness. If you thought Mr. Bentley made you melt before, wait until you hear this one. It's off his brand new cd, 'Feel That Fire'. It's slow, sexy and all I wanted from this little piece of perfection.)

4. David Nail- Red Light

5. The Fray- Never Say Never
(Ahh, one of my favorites. You can't listen to a 'Fray' song and not want to press Repeat at least twice. Catchy, emotional and to the point, these boys know how to do it. Never Say Never will pull at your heart.  "Some things we don't talk about, rather do without, just hold the smile.." It may be a generalization of a relationship trying its best, but at the end it will leave you wanting it to last. Repetitions of "Don't let me go, don't let me go.." puts you in the place of a person whose heart is wishing. Maybe for a second chance.. maybe to play the song again..=) I bet you press Repeat.)

6. Rob Thomas- Snowblind
(With a brand new cd, 'Cradlesong', I had to do some thinking over which song I was going to put in this here blog. You see, Rob Thomas does it like no other. He has a way of singing the songs that everyone wishes they were singing. Snowblind is an upbeat eye-opener. Discussing the issues of a relationship that "can't see where we are".  But not just this one, the entire cd is legit. Thank you, Rob, for making a record that has more than 2 average songs. All 14 are worthy.)

7. Jeremy Camp- Fade
(One of my favorite Worship musicians is Jeremy Camp. Ones of you who think worship music is always traditional and hymnal-type, it's not. You will be so surprised how contemporary people like Jeremy, Third Day, Casting Crowns, and Chris Tomlin make it. It's absolutely amazing and uplifting. Everyone wants a little uplifting in their life, I don't care who you are. Fade talks about letting the old life of sin fade away.. letting God take over. Rock on, JC. I'm forever a fan.)

8. Theory of a Deadman- All or Nothing, Wait For Me

9. Keith Urban- Only You Can Love Me This Way, Thank You, If Ever I Could Love
(I tried to tell him I could make him much happier than that Nicole girl.. whoever she is.. but considering they have a kid, he decided to stay with her. ;) I've been a long time fan of this Aussie hottie and even though he will never have my name tattooed on his arm, I will still show him love. Only You Could is the new single. Thank You was written for his wife, Nicole Kidman, and it is so packed with powerful lyrics, it's unbelievable. This one talks about the personal things and leaves nothing out. If Ever I Could Love is my favorite of them all at the moment. Learn it, Love it. It will be out soon as a single. I can feel it.)

10. Zac Brown Band- Free
(I've played it at least 99 times, so it's worth your 99 cents. Do it, you won't regret it.)

I hope all of you have a great week. And I hope all of these hit the charts. =)

           Meagan Rae

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