Monday, October 12, 2009

"There Ain't Nothin' Like A Memory"

Story #1

Picture this:
You are in a bar, in the store, in your car and the song that you thought they would never play, that you haven't heard in years, that defines that one moment in time.. is on. You freeze, even if it's for a second, and go back to the exact minute when you first heard it. You remember who you were with, what you wore, what they said. And even though you maybe shouldn't, you can't help but let the song take you back for one more ride back in time.

This subject is MY subject for the new song written last week. 'There With You" was co-written with a very talented Nashville songwriter, Bruce Wallace. After writing a sassy little number on the gossip-driven and inescapable scandals of living in a small town, my well had run dry. Sitting on the 'inspiration deck' looking out into the blue, conjuring up any ideas we had left, I suddenly remembered the topic I had longed to pursue. I had an hour worth of driving to do so before I left the house, I rummaged through the big, leather case of CDs from high school. I randomly picked ten or so and was on my way. Gator Boots, Standing Still, and Killing Me Softly all perked me up, and sooner than later, I was singing very loudly, and recalled every word. As soon as Track #8 was played, I quit singing. Not because I didn't know the words. I was in another moment, reminiscing and allowing it to all play back in my head. The motions and emotions were real and didn't need help unfolding.. It all came at once and in perfect order. When 2 minutes and 39 seconds ended, it felt like the shortest song ever made. I wanted to play it over and over again to stay where I was, and where I had been so many years ago. I changed the track and vowed to let that topic lead me to the music. Bruce agreed and so we now have a song, and a hit in my opinion. =)
Songwriters remember: Real Life Experience = A sure fire song

(Join us at The Carroll County Market, November 28th, 8pm to hear the track "There With You" live)

Story #2

My boyfriend, Matthew (a cute little thing), lives in Columbia, TN so I often drive to see him. There is a RedBox at a Walgreens that we visit.. oh, every other day, to rent movies. The RedBox is not the only thing that lives at Walgreens, though. It shares this residence with a homeless man. I, Meagan Rae Mitchell, have the biggest, what-if, loving heart when it comes to unfortunates. I know there are times when they can't be trusted, you don't know their motives, and the joke is probably on you but I can't help but to take a different approach. Let me tell you about my friend: He is an older, black male who is a little hefty with gray hair. The four times I've seen him, he's had on the same red sweatsuit, sitting on a thin blanket. Seems to me the only thing he owns is a tiny radio whose antennae is pulled out as far as it will reach and bucket of KFC. Ok, so he has a few things, but no home, so isn't he still considered homeless? Matthew said since he had fried chicken he must be doing alright. But that doesn't look alright to me. Maybe he has some money but not enough to afford rent? We watched him a couple times. He never bothered anyone, not once did he ask for a dollar. I just wanted to know his name. We rented our movie, and drove back to our warm house, and slept in our warm bed. But the last time we visited, I couldn't stand it any longer. It's been raining here like it's the sky's job to drown us and if I didn't live on a hill, I'd buy a boat. That night was no exception and the temperature had dropped to the 40's. He was laying horizontal on the blanket, red sweatsuit covered him, as close to the brick wall as possible for this provided some protection from the rain due to the roof. The radio played a slow R&B song and the bucket of KFC smelled days old. I bet there are times when a song on that old radio can take him back in time, too, and let him feel the familiarity of comfort and hope, even if for a second. On impulse, I went inside, took a bag and started grabbing the essentials I thought it might take to survive a cold, rainy night. (By the way, Matthew is looking at me like I've lost it). I didn't want to wake him so I stood the bag against the brick wall and went back to picking out the DVD for the night. As we got into the truck, he woke and we stopped to watch. He spotted the green bag packed with a fleece blanket, an umbrella, a lunchable, a muffin, and a six-pack of Sprite. He immediately opened the blanket, spread it across him and went back to sleep.
So my approach is:
  • I may not have a lot but he's got even less than I do.
  • If I were in that position, I would want someone to think about me, no matter what mistakes got me there.
  • What if that is Jesus waiting to see what I do?
Next time, we are taking a Bible. And I'm gonna find out his name. I'll keep you updated. Do you agree with what we are doing? Have you ever helped someone less fortunate? Do you have another opinion? Let me know what you think!

Story #3

My favorite picks for this week.

Top "Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya" Songs:
  1. Down- Jay feat. Lil' Wayne
  2. I Got A Feeling- B.E.P.
  3. One Time- Justin Beiber
Top "Girls Rock Better Than You" Songs:
  1. Party In The U.S.A.- Miley Cyrus
  2. Already Gone- Kelly Clarkson
  3. Paparazzi- Lady GaGa
Top "That's Country, I Don't Care Who You Are" Songs:
  1. American Ride- Toby Keith
  2. Hillbilly Bone- Blake Shelton/Trace Adkins
  3. Gettin' You Home- Chris Young
Top "Country Females That Rock Your Socks Off" Songs:
  1. White Liar- Miranda Lambert
  2. Consider Me Gone- Reba McEntire
  3. How Far Do You Wanna Go- Gloriana
Top "I Go Back To A Two-Toned, Short Bed Chevy" Songs:
  1. Hanging By A Moment- Lifehouse
  2. Which One Of Them- Garth Brooks
  3. Someday- Nickelback

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